What is Ronak?   We are a platform for seasoned...

What is Ronak?

We are a platform for seasoned reporters and photographers, researchers and human rights advocates. We raise awareness of conflict and human rights abuses through exhibitions, talks, and by just telling stories in different formats. Our work is about bringing cruel realities which often look distant a bit closer, provoking empathy through two key questions: What would I do if I were in their shoes? What can I do from my place?”

 We also share our experience in  media training...

We also share our experience in media training workshops our members run at Ground Zero. Our trainees are journalists but also students, writers, bloggers, or anyone who wants to switch from activism to journalism. From the very beginning, we started running media training workshops in the Western Sahara refugee camps and Libya. Iraqi Kurdistan and Armenia were our next targets. Today, many of our former trainees have become real journalists who have published hundreds of stories in different media outlets worldwide.

Ronak Press

A non-profit organisation focusing on conflict regions and human right abuses
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