Libya, much more than a project

 When we speak of “projects” we go far beyond...

When we speak of “projects” we go far beyond an awareness campaign or specific field research in a far-flung region. An eloquent example of what we´re saying can be found in Libya. Ricardo García Vilanova and Karlos Zurutuza were just two among hundreds -even thousands- of reporters attracted by that black hole whose gravitational field sucked news and newspaper from around the world in the Spring of 2011.
 After months of covering that war on different fronts,...

After months of covering that war on different fronts, both kept travelling to the country year after year and filing articles for international media outlets. Over the last decade, they have given dozens of talks and conferences about a country which soon lost most of the international attention it had gathered, and they went on to publish a book (“Tierra adentro, vida y muerte en la ruta libia hacia Europa”) in 2017. 

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