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Parallel 33: a Journey Across Conflict
ronak press
Sep 9, 2021
Parallel 33 has always been linked to mystery, but it is war that we find there. Join us on a journey through conflicts: from Western Sahara to Eastern Balochistan, passing through Libya, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan... We are talking about a territory as rich in history as in natural resources, but shaken by a thousand earthquakes. The “Arab springs”, foreign interference (and occupations), the failed decolonization processes or a myriad of ethnic and religious conflicts are the best known, but not the only ones. Parallel 33 can be crossed by land, but the sea is almost always the only escape for those who live there. We want to know who they are and what they are fleeing from.


A photographic exhibition
A documentary
A set of objects

Ronak Press

A non-profit organisation focusing on conflict regions and human right abuses
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