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Luali Lebser gets his first frontpage with a photostory from Western Sahara
ronak press
Mar 3, 2024
Ronak trainee Luali Lebser publishes a photo essay from Morocco-occupied Western Sahara in 7K, Gara newspaper´s Sunday magazine. Lebser files from an area vetoed to journalists. He´s among the few local reporters struggling to break the media blackout enforced by Rabat. Morocco occupied Western Sahara in 1975, just after Spain withdrew from its last colony. Since the ceasefire signed in 1991 between Morocco and the Polisario Front - the authority that the UN recognises as a legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people - Rabat has controlled almost the whole territory, including the entire Atlantic coast. The United Nations, however, still labels Western Sahara as a “territory under an unfinished process of decolonisation”.

Find the story here.

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