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“Nagorno Karabakh's Female Deminers,” by Siranush Sargsyan
ronak press
May 18, 2023
Ronak trainee Siranush Sargsyan writes about the local women who risk their lives to remove mines and explosives in their homeland. The ongoing blockade of Karabakh presents the mine clearers with a fresh challenge. Since December 12, a group of Azerbaijanis who describe themselves as eco-activists, have blocked the only road connecting Karabakh to Armenia and the outside world. As a result, people have no access to essential goods and services, including medication, food, fuel and hygiene products.This has in turn changed the working pattern at the HALO Trust, with the work day shortened so that the deminers have time to take care of their families. They now joke that instead of searching for mines, they search for potatoes.

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