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 When should a journalist travel to a conflict zone? Is...

When should a journalist travel to a conflict zone? Is it worth taking advantage of the initial outburst or is it better to wait until the final fireworks? The ideal would be to cover the entire war, to be there before and after, yet it is often very difficult to establish clear cuts in time when it comes to armed conflict. One of them was drawn on September 27 in Nagorno Karabakh, a conflict that dates back to the middle of the Gorbachev era in 1988. It's the longest-running unresolved dispute in the former Soviet Union.
 Azerbaijan’s defence ministry released daily...

Azerbaijan’s defence ministry released daily footage of Armenian forces being destroyed by high-precision air strikes. But on the ground, one could also come across destroyed schools, shopping centres and stores, as well as Stepanakert’s central market. It was the worst violence seen in the Caucasian enclave in decades so Gilad Sade and Karlos Zurutuza travelled back to the area to cover what for them was another chapter in a story that they had been telling for a long time. Karlos' first visit to this Caucasian enclave dates back to 2006 and Corina Tulbure -also a Ronak member- would show up in 2018. Three years earlier, Gilad had decided to settle in those rugged valleys. For him it wasn't just about documenting life in those valleys: he wanted to be part of it.We were back to cover the last Karabakh war. But it's also true that, in a way, we had never left.Links:

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